Thursday, 19 November 2009

Paradise Lost for A Level English

Hi folks, thought we'd get started with one of my old favourites, Paradise Lost!

ZigZag's new study guide is packed full of all you need to know about Milton’s epic poem. It has analysis of all twelve books and all characters, with in-depth analyses of major characters & the language of Paradise Lost. It also has questions for use in A Level classes.

I was really pleased with Pauline Brind's comments - she's an A Level English Teacher - who said 'There are lots of publications about this era, but this resource brings together the right combination, & presents it coherently. Also, because the teaching of Paradise Lost is the focus of the work, it reduces the time required by the teacher to interpret scholarly works which are written with different intentions. I wish I’d had access to it the first time I taught Milton – it would have made life so much easier.'

You can see more details and preview every page of the A Level English Paradise Lost study guide on the ZigZag Education website.

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